Friday, November 20, 2009

In two months flat, I am going to be living in Paris for six months. Today I received word from Calarts that they will help to fund my trip. Everything about this is so exciting! I have yet to live abroad, and it seems that support continually is coming out of the woodwork. More news soon, gk

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zach Condon's shot of my Beirut poster

This is fun. Lomo gave Zach Condon of Beirut at Lomo camera to shoot a diary with, and in his photo journal he included a shot of the poster I made for him in LA of 2008. So awesome! I'd like to give him a high five for that.

article can be found here:

look for the back and forth buttons above the pic in the article, my poster is 36/99. All the photos are really interesting, enjoy!

Interview with Tuckshop

Above is a link to an interview I did with a Blog I really dig, Tuckshop Community Radio News. I got asked questions about the art, and about mac and cheese, which I find to be a good combination.

Dirty Fingernails Design Book!!!

This year I was happy to be included in John Foster's hand-created design collection, Dirty Fingernails. Foster is an American designer, artist, curator, whose work has been applauded in the each fourth corner of the world. This book is a collection of design that is created sans-computer, and presented as a celebration of that. My poster for Califone at the Hideout in Chicago, IL was chosen to be included and I gave a little interview about design and the way I use it. On sale at your local bookstore, or find it on

Check out more on John Foster at

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street!

I just watched the trailer for 2010's "Nightmare on Elm Street", and I caught this guy in the background. Its a super fast clip, but I am excited not only to have my posters in the movie, but also the trailer! Hell yeah! This is the first big feature commercial movie that my work has been included in, and I'm happy that's it is the first story that ever scared me to death. Man, when you're 4, Freddy is the worst kind of scary. More soon, gk

Astrology at Shareen's Los Angeles

On Thursday Nov. 12th, I will be giving a talk on astrology in all its glory at Shareen's Vintage in Los Angeles. Shareen has an amazing reputation for not only have the best collection of vintage fashion in town, but also for her dedication to uplifting the spirits of women at large. Her focus on creating a great community of strong and fulfilled women supports so many in both Los Angeles and in NY. Her clientele is being invited to share an evening with me to discuss all things astrological, and any woman who would like to attend is certainly welcome. There will be h'orderves and dresses and good company all at once. Shareen opens at 5pm on thursday, and I will begin speaking at 8pm. Shareen's Vintage is a women's only clothing boutique located at 350 Ave, 21 Los Angeles, CA 90031-1714

(323) 276-6226

Andrew Bird and The Books

This is a poster I made for Andrew Bird last spring. I get really into crossing American and Japanese pop aesthetics in illustration, and this poster is definitely a good example of that. When I work on an image like this, its always from the perspective of a painting. Everything is hand painted, usually there is no drawing I work from. Sometimes there is a very loose sketch, just for shape. After that, I'm working with hand painted positives and carving back into the paint on the mylar to clean things up or get a different look. Next poster I will post pictures and descriptions of the process so you get a better idea. More soon...

check out a full pic of this poster at

Another good example is this poster I did for a band I adore, The Books. It is a five screen poster with two split fountains and it was a crazy thing to realize in my head. Separating all these colors and getting them to work without looking at it ahead of time can really be togh sometimes, but I think it lends something fresh to the prints and I love the sense of surprise I get when its all finished. These prints are for sale at $35 either on my website, or here at